Add-Ons & Peripherals

Add-Ons & Peripherals

Sammy Podiatry App

Improve communication and engagement between you and your patients. The Podiatry App links directly to SammyEHR. The App allows you to send and receive secure messages from patients and providers as well as images. It is a safe and secure way of sharing patient information.

Electronic Faxing

Faxing is completely integrated into SammyEHR. Eliminate your dedicated phone line for both inbound and outbound faxes. Save faxes directly into the patient record.

Automated Appointment Reminder System

MX Appointments: Show your patients you care

Ongoing patient engagement builds relationships and loyalty. It shows them you care. After all, patient no shows are bad! They are bad for the patient since they are not getting the care they need and bad for the practice who reserved the time to treat the patient who does not show up. More information regarding MX Appointments including pricing is located here.

Online Intake Forms

Add a link to your website to enable patients to complete their intake forms online prior to coming in to your office. Once Sammy receives the information, you will have the option to import all of the patient data directly into Sammy. The patient chart and all related data are automatically imported to the appropriate fields for you! This feature helps reduce administrative functions staff needs to perform to meet several of the MIPS Quality and Advancing Care measures. Click here to try it out!


(Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances)
Sammy’s e-Prescribing solution can also support EPCS. This enables the provider to electronically transmit a controlled substance to a participating pharmacy. Our staff walks you through the setup from start to finish.

Electronic Patient Statements

For those who opt to include this add-on, Sammy will automatically send a listing of patient balances to Emdeon who in turn will manage your patient statement processing for you.

Credit Card Processing

Contact X-Charge to sign up for a merchant account. Once that is complete, we will simply get you an update and you will be on your way.

Off-Site Backup Solution

Sign up for our automatic off-site backup solution that is completely integrated into Sammy. Your complete data will be backed up automatically each night to ensure that your data will be safe in case of a disaster.


We recommend the Xerox Documate 162, or any PDF scanner. Scans may be automatically imported to the patient’s file cabinet.

Topaz Electronic Signature Capture Unit

Have your patients sign consent forms electronically with this handy device. The form along with the signature is automatically saved into the patient’s file cabinet for quick and easy reference.

Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Sammy interfaces with a fingerprint reader. With this device, users do not need to remember user names and passwords. It also ensures high security because nobody can log in as someone else.


Xcharge, DICOM, Tigerview, Lab results, DFT and more.


We specialize in offering electronic health records and practice management software for small to medium size offices. Those wishing to stay on top of the current trends and requirements and are looking for reliable and affordable solutions for their offices have come to the right place.

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