SamNotes is our electronic health records program. It is part of SammyEHR and also integrates completely with SimpleSam, SimpleSam Plus and SammyUSA.

I have been using Sammy since 2011.  I did my research.  I first spoke to other Sammy users and asked what they thought of the system.  Then, I worked with Sammy to build what I needed, and they delivered.

Jonathan M. Knee, DPM
Mount Vernon, NY

As a Podiatrist that has gone through two different EHR’s, I have to tell you that your company has been the most responsive and most prepared for these changes.

Michael Fein, DPM
Bethel Podiatry

Podiatry Specific

Sammy already comes full of features and templates. When implemented into your practice setting, we train Sammy to work specifically the way you need it to, as it is fully customizable.

Seamless Voice Dictation Integration

  • Already have Dragon Dictation? It seamlessly integrates to our SamNotes program. We will even help train you on it!

  • If you don’t have Dragon yet but are interested in trying it, we will help you get the software and train you on how to use it.

  • Sammy supports both the use of templates and dictation at the same time.  You can run your template and decide what you want to change or add on the fly using voice dictation.

Import Items

Import pictures, x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. into individual patient charts.

Patient is Here

Sammy tells you when your patients arrive and ready to be treated. Not just that, but Sammy tracks which patients are not marked “here”, or patients who were marked “here” and a claim was not entered and a note was not completed for the patient. Checks and balances – that is what we are all about.

Drill Down

All exams in SamNotes incorporate as many details as required by each practice. You do not have to be a programmer to set this up. It can be done on the fly as you are doing your note(s).

Previous Notes

Repeat previous notes with one click with updated information for today’s visit. If the demographic information has changed (age, for example), it will automatically update when the note is repeated.

History and Physical

Individual patient H&P’s saved for each visit.

Falls Screening and Assessment

Let us show you what the word “automatic” really means. We integrated our falls screening feature into SamNotes, which automatically reports the PQRS AND Clinical Quality Measure for Meaningful Use as needed. You don’t have to worry about how it gets reported. Just complete the screening as you deem medically necessary, and we take care of the rest.

SOAP Format

SamNotes charting is organized in the proper SOAP format.

Patient Complaints

Save each complaint and associated HPI for easy follow up visits.

Template Preview

Preview a template before committing to running it.


Electronic prescriptions import directly into the notes if desired.

Lab Results

Track labs and diagnoses automatically.

Problem List

Because of the beautiful integration, the problem list is automatically generated from the other areas of the system. The problem list supports both ICD-10 and SNOMED codes.

User Interface

SamNotes is extremely easy to navigate through and edit notes and templates in. Permissions may be set to allow specific users to enter the notes program or not.

Template Development

You do not need to be a programmer to develop and edit your templates.


Doctors are provided with a 360 degree view of what has happened to the patient in previous visits.

Paper or Electronic Filing

Print or save your notes at your option.

Note Tracker

Sammy warns you if a patient was seen, but a note and/or claim has not been completed.

Podiatric Care Super Maco

Our RFC SUPERMACRO lets you do at-risk foot care reporting along with other problems at the same time. Add ingrown nail, paronychia, ulcer, bunion, hammertoe and others.

Multiple Chief Complaints

Yes, you can do multiple complaints in one note with SamNotes very easily. The template is already made for you. Simply change some of the verbiage to your liking (on the fly!) and you are all set.


SamNotes interfaces with the companies listed here.

Warnings and Alerts

Available to the Doctor at a glance on one screen

Site Memory

Included for each patient’s individual complaint.


Referring Doctor letters automatically generate and fax electronically to the appropriate provider.


Annotate on clinical images.


We specialize in offering electronic health records and practice management software for small to medium size offices. Those wishing to stay on top of the current trends and requirements and are looking for reliable and affordable solutions for their offices have come to the right place.

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