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As a Podiatrist that has gone through two different EHR’s, I have to tell you that your company has been the most responsive and most prepared for these changes.  Your software has been designed in such a way as to make the transition to each level of Meaningful Use as least “painful” as possible.

As a business person I realize that you incur increased costs through these transitions.  I appreciate the efforts that you make to minimize the pass through of these costs.  Though your clients may not tell you, you are doing a great job and I know I appreciate it.

Michael Fein, DPM
Michael Fein, DPM
Bethel Podiatry

Myself and my partners appreciate not only the efforts but the continued support.  We will of course support you and yours for many years to come.  Sammy is the BEST program out there for Podiatrists.

Jacob E. Hanlon, DPM
Jacob E. Hanlon, DPM
Delaware Podiatric Medicine, PA
August 8, 2018 marked 20 years with Sammy. On 8/8/98, Ken himself came to my office to install Sammy. At the time, it was DOS-based! It was the best business decision I ever made. Ken Katz and company have exceeded my expectations and have kept up with all the insane insurance changes and demands. Thanks to Ken and his excellent support staff.
Christopher A. Orlando, DPM, Hartsdale, NY
Podiatric and Surgical Wellcare of NY
We would like to thank everyone for all the hard work and time you have put into making the ICD10 transition so easy for us. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything you all have done for us and are continuing to do. We have been very apprehensive over this transition but we should have realized that ICS would come through as you have always done in the past!
Bernadette and Bob Hayes
Podiatric and Surgical Wellcare of NY
Recently, I had a HUGE problem with billing a new drug, Nucala to Medicare. I seriously had several of your staff help with this. After two months of rejections and the loss of my hair, due to pulling it out (LOL), I finally got paid!! The staff literally bent over backwards to help me. They made me feel like I was their top priority. I know how busy your staff gets, so this was a great feeling. They NEVER made me feel badly about all of their time I was taking. Very special thanks to Barbara, Stacey, Rachela and Red. Their patience was truly amazing and greatly appreciated. I really do love you all.
Donna Cipley, Billing Manager
Donna Cipley, Billing Manager
Advanced Pulmonary Diagnostics
All I can say about ICS is WOW WOW WOW!!!! I am hearing horror stories and soooooo many complaints from other offices and all I can tell them is, “Well, you should have gone with SAMMY Systems”!!!!! Ken, you and your staff have made this transition such a smooth one. Two years ago when everyone started talking about ICD-10 everyone was scared to death. There are no “fraidy cats” here in this office. I cannot thank you and your staff enough for all the hard work you put into this transition so that the offices that do the billing have had virtually a seamless transition.
Lisa VanSchuyver, Office Manager
Lisa VanSchuyver, Office Manager
Hal Bozof, DPM
I wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job of getting Sammy ICD ready. You really couldn’t have made the transition any easier, and I really appreciate that. Will always do what I can to send you new clients.
Karena Reusser
Swiss Valley Foot and Ankle
I just returned from Dr. Schonfeld’s office. Today he started talking about ICD-10 and how the software Dr. Berg implemented in the office is beyond PHENOMENAL. He mentioned that the customer service (specifically the training department) is exceptional and how the owner is a genius who really put together an exceptional program. The Doctor then stated how well thought out and executed the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was. It was easy yesterday (October 1st) in regards to putting in the bills. When he finished talking, I asked if he used software from ICS. He was stunned I was familiar with it. When I told him my friend works there and I know some of the other people who work in the office, he asked me to convey that it is always a pleasure speaking to everyone at ICS from training, to support to Ken. It is an amazing company who knows how to treat their clients and cater to them. It is well worth the money for any office because it is a great return in their investment. There are always people who are going to complain BUT ICS shouldn’t let it get to them because those are the people who like to complain about everything and anything. The owners and the employees of ICS should be proud of all their hard work. If it wasn’t for all of them, the doctors offices would not be able to run as well as they do. Dr. Schonfeld then ended with this: He knows this month is going to be tough with the transition, but keep in mind there are doctors and staff who genuinely appreciate and are grateful for all ICS does for them.
Antoinette Gentile
Island Park, NY
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! Sammy has made the transition to ICD10 so stress free for us!! I know it has NOT been that way for you!! I just had to give you guys a big thank you!!
Laurie, Office Manager
Jeffrey Klirsfeld, DPM
I have been using Sammy since 2011. I did my research. I first spoke to other Sammy users and asked what they thought of the system. Then, I worked with Sammy to build what I needed, and they delivered. I sleep well at night knowing that I can rely on their experienced support team. They always get back to me fast, and then connect you with the most experienced representative to handle your specific issues fast. Sammy understands the present and future inner workings of a Podiatry practice and grows with you to consistently meet your needs. Most importantly, they always treat you like a new customer. They are patient, understanding and friendly. Whether it be hardware, software, billing, Meaningful Use, PQRS, or ICD-10 issues, they have experts ready to figure it out fast. I highly recommend Sammy!
Jonathan M. Knee, DPM
Jonathan M. Knee, DPM
Mount Vernon, NY
In today’s healthcare environment, you need to eliminate as many headaches as you can. I suggest you check out Sammy Software. I have no financial interest with them. I just sleep much better knowing that Ken Katz and his team know what’s going on. No program is perfect, but with a team taking care of some of the largest PIAs in our profession (me included), I know this would be a good choice for you to consider.
Bret Ribotsky, DPM
Bret Ribotsky, DPM
Boca Raton, FL
Our office has been a Sammy user since 1998. We always take Ken’s advice as law. Using Sammy for off-site backup is great. It saved our office when we were hit twice by the cryptowall virus. Listen to Ken, he knows.
Mary Brown, Office Manager
Quentin Medical PC
I have been a practicing Podiatrist for nearly 30 years. During this time I have seen many changes in the healthcare system, especially the role that computers play in our everyday practice. While many computer companies have come and gone, Ken Katz and his ICS/Sammy software team have proven to be a constant presence/leader in the development of computer programing for the field of Podiatry. Thank you ICS for making my life (at work) easier and being my security blanket for nearly two decades.
Emanuel Haber, DPM
Emanuel Haber, DPM
The Foot and Ankle Centre of New Jersey
I signed on with ICS Software in 1986. I used Sammy Software to run my practice for 25 years. During that time my practice and my Sammy practice management system evolved and kept track with the changing requirements of the medical industry. Updates and improvements came automatically into my system regularly without me ever having to ask and never being asked to pay extra. Sammy always seems to adapt to new requirements even before I know there are new requirements. My system operated so smoothly. Employees came and went over the years. I hired new office staff and they learned how to use the Sammy system on the average in about one week. Sammy is so user friendly; my office staff never wastes valuable time trying to “figure out the system.” When, on rare occasion we do have a question or problem, a real person from Sammy is just a phone call away. That kind of personal relationship is priceless. We use our time treating patients and taking care of business. We never have to use our time “wrestling” with the software. Despite having a great business relationship with ICS Software and the Sammy program, 3 years ago I decided to hire an outside billing service. I felt that professional billers would do a better job collecting from insurance companies. The billing company I hired refused to use my Sammy System. I was forced to use their medical software. I was not happy about making the change, but the promise of not having to do my own billing was so attractive to me that I decided to suspend use of Sammy and go with the new billing company and their software. All I can say was WHAT A MISTAKE! We wasted so much time wrestling with their software. The billing company wasn’t nearly as good as my office staff at billing or collections. Overall I foolishly wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on this foolish mistake. I never should have stopped using Sammy Software. There is a happy ending to the story though. After two years of trying to make it work with this billing company and their complex and time wasting software, I called Ken from ICS Software. He assured me that everything would be alright. One week later my office was re-established with the Sammy System. It was painless and cost next to nothing. The transition back was seamless. There is no company that can match ICS Software. They will save you countless hours of time and keep your practice running smoothly. Thank you Ken. Thanks ICS.
John Marzano, DPM
John Marzano, DPM
Westchester Podiatric Medicine
Sammy is a system geared toward podiatry and has always been a #1 source for all medical billing needs. It always gives information to you before you even ask! Support is always efficient, friendly and prompt. You are a great bunch of people!
Lori Caruso, Office Manager
ACI Podiatry
I have been with Sammy since Ken started the company and have been very impressed and satisfied with the very timely innovations that have been implemented into the programs since its inception. Way to go to all the crew.
Ralph Benzakein, DPM

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